Sunday, July 22, 2012

What to Wear to a Music Festival

This is not the place to look classy or chic. Load up on your brightest attire because you are headed to a place where neon thrives! 

Here is your chic, Hippie Chic.  Everyone is experimenting with different dying techniques, and it is relatively easy to find cute pieces almost anywhere.  If you can't find what you are looking for, why not throw a tie-dye party.  That way you and your friends can all rock pieces of art personally created by YOU!

Bathing Suit
I made the mistake of not bringing a bathing suit top to camp. It is great to have for during the day, it's usually HOT and who wants tan lines? Make sure your top ties behind the neck, better safe than sorry! If you're really feeling bold rock your entire bikini. 

Seriously buy a Tutu. How can you not have fun in a Tutu, and when will you ever get to wear one again? Indulge yourselves ladies! They come in almost every color or color combination.

Supportive Sneakers
Do not wear your cute new Steve Madden sandals or your sparkly pink Toms.  The walkways are most likely going to be gravel, so you are going to want a supportive shoe.  Shoes made for extreme activities such as skateboarding or BMX will give you both support and grip.  My DC high tops were great all weekend, but dont forget good socks, blisters can really ruin things fast. 

Graphic tee's and tanks
Simple. Funny. Cheap. But most importantly can stand to get dirty, smelly, sweaty, dusty, and gross.   

Ripped Leggings
I saw a girl rocking these leggings at camp and I fell in love.  Leggings are great light weight bottoms that allow plenty of movement for dancing, and these have slits for breathing! No getting sweaty for this chick.

The crowd favorite seems to be Ray-Ban knock offs, and why fix something if it isn't broken? Scoop a pair of neon shades from Nordstrom's BP, Charlotte Russe, or a gas station on the way there if you must.  You are not going to want to be without these on a bright, summer day.

Unless the forecast is calling for rain you are going to want a bandana, or scarf, to cover your mouth and nose.  The dust can get overwhelming fast, so make sure you have one or the other on hand.

Flower Headbands
These are just fun.  Let out your inner "Flower Child" with one of these flower head bands.  There were even vendors at the festival selling their own hand made headbands. Support small business and local artists!

Crystal Wire Wraps
Another art form that is highly prevalent is crystal jewelry.  Wire wraps are made with crystals into beautiful designs, each boasting it's own "spiritual" purpose.  Each crystal has a different energy, and when combined correctly can create an aura of positivity.  Support these local artists, and leave with a custom made piece charged with uplifting memories

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