Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Terrors, Two Joys, Two Puppies

Over the past year I have accumulated two puppies. Chihuahua puppies to be exact. They are the loves of my life, and are as part of the family as children.  

There are positives and negatives to owning a Chihuahua

  • Sooner or later they will find their bark
  • There is no such thing as too much play time
  • Sometimes we play just a little too rough
  • Tell them to shut up nicely and they usually do
  • Their crazy antics could earn you money when that video you shot before bed goes viral
  • You can train them to use a litter box
  • Smart and Easy to train
  • Minimal shedding

So overall my dogs are a WIN

We got my first Chihuahua, Kyoto, in December 2011 when he was 12 weeks old. He was rescued from a puppy mill pet shop, but now lives the happiest life possible.

Here is Kyoto when I got him for Christmas!

My sweet little Kyoto was lonely when he had to stay home by himself, and we considered getting another dog when he got a little older.

Inconveniently ;) there was a chihuahua puppy in our apartment complex that needed a home.  Little Miss Bella joined the family. This pudgy ball of fire was only 7 weeks old when we got her. We have had her for about a month now, and it is incredible how much she has learned. Kyoto teaches her too, I wish I could capture it all.
Kyoto gets neutered tomorrow :(
Please wish him luck!

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