Friday, August 10, 2012

Project Runway: Runaway Designer


This weeks guest judges Rachel Roy and Hayden Panettiere

All I have to say is "WHAT?!" These designers are all given an amazing opportunity to come on this show, and to just buckle under pressure and quit is simply rude. Andrea left the show in the middle of the night, post eliminations for the Lexus challenge, without making contact in anyway with the Project Runway staff. When Tim Gunn returns to tell the remaining designers that Andrea is safely home, Kooan announces he will be leaving the show as well.  His "reason" being, he wants to make it as a designer his own way. Again, just RUDE. With contestants Andrea and Kooan now out of the competition voluntarily, Tim Gunn returns from seeing Kooan out, breaking the ice by mentioning he is scared to make any more announcements, which is met with laughs from the designers. To better lighten the moon he announces that Raul will be rejoining them. I think this is completely fair for Raul given that Andrea left the show the night he was eliminated.

(left) Kooan Tells the other designers he has decided to leave also (right) Tim Gunn walking Kooan out

This week the designers were challenged by Michael Kors himself to create a look for "a woman on the go" stressing the importance of the transition from work to liesure, and fabric that does not easily wrinkle or damage.
Nathan shortly after Kooan leaves the workroom for the last time

In the work room, it was hard for everyone to keep focused. With all of the drama over the last few days, the distraction some contestants in particular faced showed both physically and mentally. Nathan could not hold in his tears after his fellow designers decided to leave the show, and poor Buffi was so out of it she ended up going home! I understand that this is a television show and the show must go on, but I think everyone as a whole would have benefitted from a day off after such a rough day.

(left) Heidi welcoming the designers (right) Heidi during judging

Heidi slightly resembled Flintstone's character Bamm-Bamm, but only because I watched the show when I was young. The dress is adorable, and I think she looks fantastic! This look could have gone SO wrong with the wrong accessories. She kept it simple, which translated into elegance. Elegance and leopard?? Only Heidi Klum!

(left) Chris' Look (right) Open back of Dmitry's look
Sonija's look

Now to my favorite part. The models hit the runway. Once again I was torn between so many of the designs. I loved the exposed zipper on Ven's dress and the layers upon layers Melissa draped her model in, although neither of these looks made it into the top three.

(left) Elena's look (right) Elena smiling proudly as her look walks the runway

Despite my dislike of Elena as a person, her designs are starting to grow on me. Ok, THIS design grew on me. I was transfixed on her model from the moment she walked around the corner. I do not know how she kept this under $150, it looks so expensive, and isn't that what the judges always love. I'm surprised that she was not in the top three, for once I think she deserved to be there.

(left and right) Dmitry's one seam dress
Sonija's Critics

The top three this week were Chris, Dmitry, and Sonija. I loved Chris' look, but I think I looks a little too high fashion to go to the grocery store with the kids. Dmitry's one seam dress was beautiful, but I agree with Michael Kors when he said a bright color would have made all the difference with this design. I have to sympathize with Dmitry though because he struggled quite a bit trying to find a fabric that he thought would work well at Mood.

Buffi and Raul with their models during elimination
Buffi desperately trying to defend her look, and I don't think her model is buying it

The bottom looks were easily identifiable in this challenge. Fabio also landed in the bottom three, but only because he strayed from his design aesthetic. I think next week, if his designs are true to himself, we may see a complete transformation (or so I hope). I do not think Buffi even really had a chance of making it to the finale, but I was sad to see her go in such a negative light. I know her sewing was awful this week, but she was very distant mentally. Yes, she deserved to go home BUT I can't wait to see more from her in the future! I'm going to give Raul a pass this week only because he started late, was off pace with the others, and had to reacclimate himself with the show. If he really needs to be sent home next week I'm sure the judges won't hesitate.

I just had to share this little gem. Enjoy :)

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